Medicaid Service Coordinator

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Position Posting Date: July 12, 2013

The MSC provides active assistance to persons with developmental disabilities such as Autism spectrum disorders, Down’s Syndrome, intellectual disability, Cerebral Palsy, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, ADHD, hearing loss, learning disability, vision impairment and other developmental delays. The MSC helps their clients as they navigate community and service systems in pursuit of the necessary and desired services and supports that will assist them in achieving or maintaining their personal goals and outcomes.

An MSC helps their clients access necessary supports and services including medical, social, educational, psychosocial, employment, habilitation, rehabilitation, financial, residential, and legal services, as available, and in accordance with the person’s needs and valued outcomes, as expressed in the client’s Individualized Service Plan (ISP).

The work of the MSC is designed to help their individual clients strive for the highest quality of life. The focus of MSC is on assisting each person to achieve his or her unique desires, goals and outcomes, relative to the individual‘s informed choices. This includes but is not limited to: choice of home; meaningful work and/or community activities; social and leisure activities; meaningful relationships and access to services /supports that promote optimal health.

The core responsibility areas of the MSC include:

  • Assessment
  • Development, Implementation and Maintenance of Service Plans (i.e., care planning)
  • Linkages and Referrals
  • Monitoring and Follow-up
  • Service Documentation

Duties of the Medicaid Service Coordinator:
The Medicaid Service Coordinator is responsible for:

  1. Receiving and processing applications for service coordination for new clients with developmental disabilities.
  2. Creating an ISP (Individualized Service Plan) / life style outcomes for each client in their caseload.
    1. Developing the individual’s life plan based on their needs and desires, following a Person Centered Planning process.
    2. Collaborating with appropriate family members, friends, agency staff, and others in the community who are related to the client’s goals / outcomes
    3. Developing specific tasks to help realize client outcomes, following up on details and reporting results at regular meetings.
    4. Conducting face-to-face contacts, and additional telephone contacts, with clients to ensure planned activities are occurring.
    5. Assessing safety and other potential service needs.
    6. Listening carefully to what people and families are saying.
    7. Recognizing and addressing health and safety issues.
    8. Facilitating meetings.
    9. Communicating (verbally and in-writing) with individuals, families, advocates and providers.
  3. Advocating
    1. Protecting and upholding the consumer’s rights
    2. Ensuring the individual’s living environment is safe.
    3. Developing a network of community based contacts and resources both traditional OPWDD funded and other, in support of the clients in their case load.
    4. Linking individual clients to supports and services that enable them to work towards their goals / outcomes.
    5. Helping to manange crisis situations
  4. Record Keeping
    1. Documenting ongoing comprehensive and personal knowledge of the person in order to develop the most effective person-centered quality services.
    2. Keeping accurate and current records on service coordination activities and other services provided to the client
    3. Substantiating and successfully submitting accurate monthly billing for service coordination activities.
  5. Travel to client homes and/or Provider or Regulatory Agencies
    1. Bus, train or private vehicle travel to client residences or agency within our service area can, on average, constitute 20 to 30 % of the work week.


  • An Associate or Bachelor Degree in any one of the following human services fields, from an accredited college or university:
    • Social Work, Education, Psychology, Sociology, Health, Nursing, Medicine, Rehabilitation Counseling, Therapeutic Recreation, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Pathology, Audiology, Music Therapy, Special Education. OR
  • A Registered Nurse (RN) degree in nursing. OR
  • A completed Associate‘s Degree, in other than health and human services, AND a minimum of 20 college credits in health or human services courses. OR
  • Enrolled in a Bachelor‘s Degree program, with a minimum of 60 credits completed toward a bachelor‘s degree, in a field other than health or human services, AND a minimum of 20 college credits in health or human services courses.


  • One (1) year experience working with a developmentally disabled population. OR
  • One (1) year experience as a Service Coordinator Case Manager

The minimum experience requirement does not have to be met if an applicant has a master‘s degree in a health or human services field.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Bilingual, Fluent in Spanish and English: read, write, and speak.
  • Excellent interpersonal, conflict resolution and communication skills (verbal and written).
  • Excellent self organizational skills and time management, with the ability to complete multiple tasks within deadlines.
  • Negotiating and resolving conflicts.
  • Computer skills, including Word processing, email, calendar management, spreadsheet creation.
  • Working knowledge of how to access community resources.


  • Review of Resume completeness including education, experience and skills
  • Verification of Three recommendation letters
  • Completion of employment application
  • Successful completion of interview
  • Successful check of Staff Exclusion List (SEL) in Justice Center of OPWDD
  • Successful Check of the Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment (SCR)
  • Fingerprint Clearance of Criminal Record from the NY State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities – OPWDD


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