Learning Ladder Day Care Center

“Building Each Child’s Success Step by Step”

AllCare’s Learning Ladder Day Care Center (s) offer full day care to children 2 .9 to 5 years.  Our name demonstrates that Learning Ladder is a unique program in which preschool children with typical, age appropriate development are educated directly alongside preschool children with special needs.  This inclusionary setting offers benefits for all of the children and provides all of the families of the community with a day care center staffed by experts, based on developmentally and age appropriate curricula, committed to meeting the needs of all children, and built on the goal that each and every child will be given the resources to, climb step-by-step, to achieve his or her potential.

The experience of all faculty and staff at Learning Ladder adds value to traditional day care.  Our culture of celebrating diversity extends beyond the classroom walls and includes our home-school collaboration efforts.  For decades, education researchers have reported that meaningful parent involvement in a child’s education yields higher performance outcomes for that student.  Accordingly, all of AllCare’s centers require the school leadership, faculty, staff and other stakeholders to create an inviting, welcoming and supportive environment that is accessible to all parents.  Additionally, facilitating this goal, Learning Ladder Day Care Center accepts ACD/HRA vouchers, 1199 Hospital Workers Union vouchers  and Transportation Workers Union CBO vouchers.

AllCare’s instructional programming follows a developmentally appropriate framework that incorporates The Creative Curriculum for Preschool.  We address the NYS Learning Standards by implementing an integrated curriculum incorporating the five domains (cognitive, language, motor, self help/adaptive, and social/emotional) that provides numerous opportunities for learning through active exploration and experimenting with materials.  Children engage in personally meaningful activities (based on their ages, interests and needs) and collaborate with peers and adults during large and small group time in the classroom. Knowledge, skills and concepts addressed include literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts (drama, fine art, music, movement) and technology with ample time for physical activity.  Teachers’ roles are to observe children, guide learning, and assess progress (via standardized and informal tools). The Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale and/or DEC Recommended Practices Program Assessment are used to make sure that the classroom environment and program structure are optimal.

For more information please email:  madelinaenriquez@allcareps.org



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