Medicaid Service Coordination

AllCare provides services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families through Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC).  MSC is a Medicaid State Plan service provided by the New York Office of People with Developmental disabilities which assists persons with developmental disabilities in gaining access to necessary services and supports appropriate to the needs of the individual.  MSC is provided by qualifies service coordinators and uses a person centered planning process in developing, implementing and maintaining an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) with and for a person with developmental disabilities. Person-centered planning ensures an approach for learning about people with developmental disabilities and creating a lifestyle that can help them contribute as citizens in community life.  In addition, person-centered planning helps us discover each individual’s interests, capacities and gifts, which serve as a foundation for developing valued social roles.

Medicaid Service Coordinators promotes the concepts of choice, individualized services and supports, and consumer satisfaction.  They work in partnership with the individual and family to plan a better lifestyle based on a person’s interests, talents, preferences as well as needs. The aim of the MSC is to promote independent living skills, maximize choices while safeguarding each individual’s physical and emotional well-being.

Our program is funded through the New York State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities and available to those persons who are enrolled in Medicaid, have a diagnosis of  developmental disability, demonstrate a need for ongoing and comprehensive service coordination, and must not live in any Medicaid funded institutional setting.

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