Volunteers and Students

VolunteerCollege Student Opportunities

If you’re still in college, the AllCare work environment provides you the opportunity to gain valuable experience participating in a high performance work team while you’re still in school. And working side by side with experienced professionals, you can learn about the many ways to support children and adults with developmental or learning disabilities in reaching their daily life improvement goals.
Social science majors in education, psychology, social work, nursing and other therapeutic and helping specialties can participate in Internship, Work Study, Part-Time Jobs and Summer / Holiday positions tailored for the best match between your interest and availability and our services. Many of us continue in graduate studies and we all participate in ongoing professional education and development programs, so we understand your needs and concerns.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is the perfect way to feel connected to your community. The simple act of offering your skills and enthusiasm can positively impact the lives of others, as well as your own. The intent of volunteerism is to help improve the quality of lives of our clients. Every volunteer can make a unique contribution to help someone with developmental or learning disabilities reach their daily and life goals.
Volunteering can also help the volunteer be closer to the community. Please consider helping us help others. You can volunteer in the administrative and support functions or classroom activities at the Learning Ladder Day Care Center and Pre-School or in administrative and support functions at the Medicaid Service Coordination Office.


Students currently enrolled in High School, Associate or Bachelor’s level college programs can volunteer at our Learning Ladder Pre-School and Day Care Center. Please send a letter of interest to our executive director, Carlos Aponte.


Internship opportunities are available in the classroom setting for teachers in training and therapeutic specialists. Please send a letter of interest to our education director, Madelina Enriquez and contact your school’s internship coordinator for details.

Work Study

High school and college students can do part-time paid work in conjunction with their school’s work study program at either of our work sites. Please send a letter of interest to our executive director, Carlos Aponte and contact your school’s work study coordinator for details.